Andrea Bastoni


Chair of Cyber-Physical Systems in Production Engineering
School of Engineering and Design, Technical University of Munich
MW2108, Boltzmannstraße 15, 85748 Garching b. München


+49 89 289 55173






Denis Hoornaert, Golsana Ghaemi, Andrea Bastoni, Renato Mancuso, Marco Caccamo, Giulio Corradi,  "On the Interplay of Computation and Memory Regulation in Multicore Real-Time Systems",  in The 15th Annual Workshop on Operating Systems Platforms for Embedded Real-Time Applications,  Modena,  Jul 2022.

Mattia Nicolella, Shahin Roozkhosh, Denis Hoornaert, Andrea Bastoni, Renato Mancuso,  "RT-Bench: an Extensible Benchmark Framework for the Analysis and Management of Real-Time Applications",  in Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS23),  Paris,  Jun 2022.

G. Schwäricke, R. Tabish, R. Pellizzoni, R. Mancuso, A. Bastoni, A. Züpke, M. Caccamo,  "A Real-Time virtio-based Framework for Predictable Inter-VM Communication",  in Proc. of the 42nd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2021),  Dec 2021.