IPA2X: Intelligent Pedestrian Assistant to Everyone

Project Description and Objectives

Road traffic injuries are a major public health problem in the world, and the introduction of micro mobility vehicles -such as e-scooter- invading roads and curbs, is putting in danger the most vulnerable road category: pedestrians. Pedestrians, children, people with disabilities and elderly people are being disincentives in their active mobility habit by the increased availability of new mobility services and the wrong usage of the curb.

IPA2X creates an alliance among the most important living labs on autonomous driving (Modena, Ljubljana and Milan), research institutes and OEM, to put their knowledge and experience on edge-cross technologies (AI, RT computing, 5G, ...) to improve pedestrian crossings and assess the user acceptance of a new intelligent pedestrian assistant robot (IPA2X) that aims to be the new curb pedestrian champion.

The IPA2X consortium wants to demonstrate that adopting a low power IoT computing platform on an autonomous rover will make it possible to improve safety, reduce noise and pollution and promote active mobility. IPA2X promotes walking and allows rethinking the urban space focusing on user centric instead of vehicles centric use cases that might assure enriching the European interoperable Autonomous Driving data portal.

The project wants to offer the competences of the most advanced universities on autonomous driving, to promote a safe crossing zebra pedestrian assistant through an autonomous rover capable of communicating in 5G with other vehicles.

IPA2X focuses on future autonomous and robotic mobility with an open computing platform built on operating systems tailored for hosting applications of very different mixed-critical real-time use-cases as well as enable a smooth communication between car and infrastructure system to assure a proper Operational Design Domain (ODD) fail operational system.

The objectives of IPA2X are:

  • Create two new services of autonomous zebra pedestrian assistant and personal consolidator shopper through an intelligent rover equipped with cutting-edge technologies (next generation computing platform, AI intelligence, 5G)
  • Increase pedestrian safety while reducing car pollution trough 5G connectivity and advance HMI promoting a modular intelligent speed assistance

During 2022, IPA2X aims to demonstrate in three cities (Modena, Ljubljana, Milan):

  • Distributed sensing and Increase awareness through V2X and adoption of autonomous rovers
  • HMI and user acceptance

This project is supported by EIT Urban Mobility an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable . Learn more: eiturbanmobility.eu.

Project Lead

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) combines top-class facilities for cutting-edge research with unique learning opportunities for students. It is committed to finding solutions to the major challenges facing society as we move forward: Health & Nutrition, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment & Climate, Information & Communications, Mobility & Infrastructure. The university thinks and acts with an entrepreneurial spirit. TUM is a public university and UM KIC Tier 1 Core partner. The Chair of Cyber-Physical Systems in Production Engineering is the department involved in this Project.

Contact: Andrea Bastoni <andrea.bastoni@tum.de>

Project Partners


AMAT is the affiliated partner of the City of Milan. AMAT, i.e. Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente e Territorio (Milan’s Agency for Mobility Environment and Territory), is an in-house company, totally owned by the City of Milan, committed to providing strategic planning and technical studies for urban mobility, environment quality and land use management. Due to its multidisciplinary competence, AMAT supports the City of Milan in developing projects and services with an approach that integrates mobility and energy issues with the environmental themes by advanced technologies and solutions.

Contact: Paolo Campus <paolo.campus@amat-mi.it>

Av Living Lab Ljubljana

AV Living Lab was established in 2017 as a company for mobility transformation – from innovative ideas to implemented reality. Our habitat, one of the region's largest retail, business, and leisure centres, is a live demonstration, research, and development environment. AV Living Lab's main pillars are Mobility as a Service development and deployment, human-centric living lab activities, AI Driving Hub solutions for Evaluation and Training of drivers, and Mobility events, such as international conferences (City as a Lab Summit).

Contact: Blaž Vukelić <blaz.vukelic@avlivinglab.com>

City of Milan

The City of Milan is an Italian local public authority responsible for delivering a large number of services across the city (education, social services, economic development). Second largest city in Italy (1.400.000 inhabitants in its Municipality, 180 sqKm), Milan is also the administrative and business center in the largest Italian metropolitan area, with a population of about 5.000.000 people, and the main city of Lombardy, Italian more populated and rich region.

Contact: Domenico Squillace <domenico.squillace@comune.milano.it>

City of Modena

Municipality of Modena is in the heart of motor valley where Maserati, Ferrari, Pagani and many other TIER one are based. Since 3 years developed a Public Private Partnership developing the Modena Automotive Smart Area (MASA). MASA is deploying a real urban laboratory of three square kilometer with 4G and 5G connectivity, enabling multiple (IoT) devices (e.g., smart cameras, traffic scanner and counter, smart parking, waste management, temperature, rainfall, energy grid) to exchange massive amounts of information to jointly cooperate for an efficient traffic management, creating a so-called distributed awareness of what happens in a wide city area.

Contact: Luca Chiantore <luca.chiantore@comune.modena.it>

CVUT - Czech Technical University in Prague

CVUT is a public university and UM KIC Core partner. The department involved in the project is the Industrial Informatics Department of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics. CVUT researchers have experience from working in many automotive and autonomous driving-related projects. The role of CVUT would be to support SKODA in preparing the software of their vehicle for the IPA2X use cases. CVUT will also work on testing and simulation environment for use-case integration/training.

Contact: Michal Sojka <michal.sojka@cvut.cz>

Evidence Srl

Evidence Srl (EVI) is an Italian company specialized in real-time operating systems (especially for the automotive domain), virtualization and functional safety. It participated in several projects funded by the European commission, including the HERCULES project about autonomous driving. In the IPA2X project, EVI will be focusing on improving the predictability of the DDS stack inside the Rover to reduce the latency of safety-critical communications.

Contact: Claudio Scordino <c.scordino@huawei.com>

Hipert Srl

HIPERT Srl is a SME and spin-off of the UNIMORE university in Italy. HIPERT has accumulated considerable experience in the autonomous driving domain and will support LIFETOUCH in the development of the software layers needed to sense the environment and interact with citizens and interconnected vehicles. HIPERT contributes to the characterization and profiling of hardware and hypervisor of embedded devices to ensure that new software techniques are processed in a secure way, guaranteeing the fundamental Freedom-from-Interference property.

Contact: Ignacio Sanudo Olmedo <ignacio.sanudoolmedo@unimore.it>

Lifetouch Srl

LIFETOUCH is an AI and UX design automotive SME based in Parma. LIFETOUCH main focus is the development of AI application to assist and help humans, in particular to understand the human behavior and needs. Company mission is to develop the next generation of Human Machine Interfaces assisted by AI and to develop next generation of Autonomous Robots. In IPA2X LIFETOUCH will upgrade Moveo robot built within HERCULES EU project an integrate it with new sensing functionalities as well as 5G connectivity module and an innovative HMI. LIFETOUCH will assist the demo in the three pilots supporting the municipalities and technical partners in setting the set up and monitoring of the results.

Contact: Patrizio Spaggiari <patrizio.spaggiari@lifetouch.it>


ŠKODA AUTO, commonly called Škoda, is a Czech automobile manufacturer founded in 1895 as Laurin & Klement and headquartered in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. A joint-venture partnership agreement with Volkswagen took place in 1991. Škoda cars are now made in factories in the Czech Republic, China, Russia, India and Slovakia. 1.25 million Škoda automobiles are sold in 102 countries in 2018. New Škoda corporate "Strategy 2025", which replaces the previous "Strategy 2018", aims to start production of a fully electric vehicle in 2020, and five electric models across different segments by 2025.

Contact: Pavel Nedoma <Pavel.Nedoma@skoda-auto.cz>